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The Serafino 4th Edge

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The Serafino 4th Edge

The SERAFINO 4th EDGE, with its revolutionary Rubberised Concave Toe, fits the shape of the ball perfectly, ensuring players achieve and enjoy greater power, distance, improved accuracy, much enhanced safety, and total comfort while at the same time requiring only minimal back lift and time when using the toe zone, giving you a surprising attacking advantage over all your opponents, including the Goalie.

Reduce Your Injuries

Triple Sponge Padded throughout, our boot/cleat, with added Ankle & Achilles Heel Supports, is designed and will substantially reduce the risk of injury, in particular those concerning the Metatarsal's, Ankle and Achilles Heel areas. Foot Injuries are an increasing problem, in today’s game. Other boot manufacturers have chosen to ignore these ever increasing risks of player injuries. “NOT WITH THE SERAFINO 4th EDGE”.

Complete Comfort

Once you wear The Serafino 4th EDGE Boots / Cleats, you will be astonished by the supreme cushion comfort you experience, every time you wear them. Skilfull players also swear by them for their conventional abilities too. Hey, even your Blisters are gone forever including your first day’s wear!

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The Serafino 4TH EDGE incorporates a rubberized concave toe design that enables players to kick the ball with substantially increased power, accuracy and surprising speed, as very little kicking back lift is needed when you are challenged by an opponent. Tests have proven that the revolutionary new design enables you to kick consistently more effectively, accurately, safely and powerfully with the concave toe.

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