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Euro Football

Euro Football
Euro football is a sport that the top soccer players in Europe play. It's the world's most physically demanding sport as it requires stamina, speed and strength. Professional football teams in Europe are commonly called 'soccer clubs' or simply 'clubs'.
I'm going to introduce some of the best European footballers who are playing for their clubs at this moment.

Real Madrid-Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Real Madrid, is probably one of the world's best soccer players. He has been named as FIFA player of the year three times! His hard-working style and unique shooting ability have also made him one of UEFA's most valuable players. I am a big fan of his.

Football clubs do not have to be located in their country. For example, in England, there are two big football clubs that are Chelsea (London) and Manchester United (Manchester). In Spain, there are two big clubs: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Usually, these big clubs have many international players from around the world on their teams. As the clubs are located in other countries, the players have to learn a few words of their country's language. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has to learn English.

Paris-Didier Deschamps
The French soccer player Didier Deschamps is the manager of the French national team. He has played for numerous clubs like Monaco and Juventus F.C. He won the UEFA championship with Juventus in 1996 & 2003, and FIFA World Cup 1998 with France. In 2008 he was given the honour to be the captain of the French national team for a second time.
Deschamps is a brilliant player who knows his way around the field. He's one of my favourite soccer players.

Real Madrid-Iker Casillas
'The Saint Iker, ' as he is known, Iker Casillas from Spain, is one of the finest goalkeepers in the world today. He has been the goalkeeper for Spain's national team since 2002, and he was elected best goalkeeper of the UEFA Euro 2004 and 2006 World Cup. He also won the FIFA Golden Ball award in the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa for best player in the tournament. There are many footballers who admire him and think that he is better than other goalkeepers like Buffon or Kahn because he saves a lot more goals than them.

Vancouver-Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers in the world today. He is currently playing for Real Madrid, where he is from Portugal! He plays as a forward for his club. He can also play on the left side, but most of the times, he plays in the middle. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal and spent most of his youth here but moved to another country at an early age. He then moved to Spain at the age of 13 and was signed by Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Ronaldo's love for football may be the reason that he is called the 'White Pele' or 'The King of Football'. Besides his love for football, other things about him are also cool. He has a tattoo on his leg in the Spanish language that says "I am Real Madrid". His mother has a tattoo saying that she loves her son, which makes me think how much she really loves him!
In Africa, mainly in Nigeria and Ghana, there are many soccer clubs. These clubs do not have their own stadiums. If you are not a member of the club, then you can't watch their games. You can only watch their games if you are a member. I think it is unfair because it may make people want to join the club whenever they see them lose!

South Africa-Johan Botha
I think Johan Botha from South Africa is one of the greatest footballers ever to play for his country. He was a quarterfinalist in the 2010 World Cup. His amazing skills are shown in every tournament that he plays at! He also won the African Player of the Year award for 2008 and 2010. In 2010 he was also named in the 'FIFA 100' list of the world's greatest living players.

He was named world player of the year by IFFHS in 2013.
It is always best to be famous for your talents rather than for your looks or money. Johan Botha has a fantastic talent to play as a goalkeeper, which makes him equal to any player!

New York-David Villa
David Villa is one of my symbol of Spain and one of my favourite soccer players. He plays as a forward for Real Madrid club and has been an important member since he joined Real Madrid in 2006. He is also known as 'El Guaje', which means kid in Spanish. He was born in 1981 (age 35) in the Canary Islands, Spain.

He is a very dedicated player and really loves soccer. I think that this is why he plays so well on the field!

As you can see, there are many players who are called my favourite footballers because they have unique talents and skills that make them different from other soccer players. I also think that people who like soccer could be called fans because they are crazy about it. We should be proud of our talents and not ashamed of them!