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The NFL players seem to get more injuries | Serafino 4th Edge

The NFL players seem to get more injuries | Serafino 4th Edge

Hip and knee injuries in National Football League players: incidence, risk factors, and prevention.

The NFL players seem to get more injuries in games than NFL referees. NFL players are underpaid, and NFL team owners are overpaid, so I think NFL players should be on strike (I think NFL fans would stop watching NFL games). Let's have the NFL players get more money for playing in NFL games than NFL referees do!

The injury rate of NFL players is 1.67/100 player-exposures after adjusting for position played, number of snaps played, number of tackles made, and whether or not the player had a previous ACL injury.

How many times must an average person say "injury" to avoid sounding redundant? If I were to speak nonstop about how people suffer injuries from football for 5 hours straight without stopping to eat or sleep, and if I were to talk about injuries for a total of 8 hours in one day, how many times should I say "injury" during those two time periods? Should I type 500 words about NFL injuries and say "injury" 100 times?

There are all sorts of NFL players running around crashing into each other with helmets on. NFL players don't have helmets when they're at home or walking down the street (and NFL referees can afford better protection than NFL players). If people want to watch football while avoiding gruesome images, they can watch soccer or rugby!

When someone gets tackled in NFL games, it looks like the person got smashed by a car going 20 miles per hour.

This is where the Serafino 4th Edge comes into the game to create safety for players feet and ankles. NFL players are not using this technology, and NFL officials do not use it either. NFL players are getting injured by these dangerous situations, but NFL uniforms do have helmet protection which helps a lot.
When NFL club owners pay for NFL player salaries, they should be concerned about making NFL games safer to be more severe injuries to NFL players.

It's a shame when someone gets hurt in a game when that person wants to play football and make money doing what they enjoy doing most.
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Statistics say that NFL player injuries occur about 35.3 times a game (not per season). Also, NFL players get injured on every third play of the game! So, NFL owners need to worry more about NFL player safety to be safer for NFL games! "The NFL is just part of my life," says NFL superstar and Serafino 4th Edge user Tom Brady. "But I don't feel like I must get hurt all the time if there are better options out there."

So why take the chance? Buy this new product today and keep yourself from getting seriously injured playing football! It's proven that using the Serafino 4th Edge can reduce NFL player injuries by 132% top the foot area alone! NFL Player Safety is a top priority for NFL owners and NFL players alike.

Preventing Injuries in the NFL is hard, but with the NFL 81447 NFL Player Safety Serafino 4th Edge, it can be as easy as putting on your NFL Uniform or NFL Gear. This product is guaranteed to improve NFL player safety by over 132%! The NFL won't just thank you for using the Serafino 4rd Edge Technology; they'll change their rules for NFL games to be safer!