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What are blade Football / Cleats?

What are blade Football / Cleats?

What are blade Football Boots or Cleats?

The term used for blades instead of the more traditional word studs on football boots or cleats

Unlike Studs, blades are designed. Differently, They are designed to give more grip to the wearer and more comfort when doing sharp movements. 

Blades measure 3cm long and shape the foot, which, of course, provides excellent stability when standing on the weaker foot. 

Blade cleats or boots are also very useful when the ground is soft, but not when you are playing in a heavy downpour. We would advise the player to wear metal studs for maximum grip and stability in a downpour. 

The Serafino 4th Edge comes in two different sole types:

Multi ground - For grounds that are hard surfaced also ideal for Astro turf 4g

Blade - Advised for grass