Serafino Boots

Searfino 4th Edge


The Serafino 4TH EDGE incorporates a rubberized concave toe design that enables players to kick the ball with substantially increased Power, Accuracy and Surprising Speed, as very little or no back lift is needed on the run when you are challenged by an opponent. Tests have proven that the revolutionary new design enables you to kick consistently more Effectively, Accurately, Safely and Powerfully with the concave toe.

Get Noticed – Gain Important Advantages - Become A 2 Footed Player: With the Serafino 4th EDGE you will quickly achieve the capability and the advantage of becoming a 2 footed player. With only a few weeks of practice, attacking, defending and shooting with your weaker foot,  will become a natural norm for you.

At Last True Safety & Protection From Injuries: Clinically and Comparatively Tested by one of the world’s Leading Sport’s Laboratories against other leading World Football Boot / Cleat Brands, The Serafino 4th EDGE proved to be an astonishing 249% safer, than the other world boot/cleat brands included in the tests.

The Result – Deadly Accuracy, Amazing Power, Greater Safety / Protection and Supreme Comfort.

Now you can:

Surprise opponents with little backlift.

Improve your ability by becoming a two-footed player.

Enjoy supreme comfort.

Protect your feet and avoid injuries.

Gain Amazing Accuracy, Power and Length of kick

The Boots / Cleats comes in the UK sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 & in 2 Sole Types. (EU & US SIZES AVAILABLE)

Please make sure to order your correct shoe size and sole type.

Multi-Ground – ideal for artificial and firm ground surfaces

Blades – ideal for grass surfaces

7 40 7.5
8 42 8.5
9 43 9.5
10 44.5 10.5
11 46 11.5