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The Serafino Story

THE HISTORY OF THE SERAFINO 4TH EDGE                                    

My name is Mel Braham, the founder of Boot Technologies to International Distributor of The Serafino 4th EDGE. I first met John Serafino, The Designer of The SERAFINO 4th EDGE, about 3 years after I relocated from Melbourne to Sydney with my wife and my darling little 4-month-old daughter, in January 1967. So it would be about 50 years ago in 1970 that we first became acquainted with each other, and good friends a  few years later, when our girls started going to the same school.

John had immigrated from Italy a few years earlier and quickly made a name for himself as a Fashion Designer in the men’s and lady’s fashion sector.

He went on the win the Australian Wool Awards and to represent Australia at World Expo, amongst his many other accomplishments. John had a large Men’s and Lady’s clothes fashion shop in Double Bay, a fashionable harbourside suburb in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, where I first met him. John, also famous for calling a Press Conference held at “Sydney’s Harbour Ferries,” wharves, to launch his new machine washable drip & dry Men’s Business Suit range when, to everyone’s total amazement and amusement, jumped off the end of the Wharf, to prove that his concept of washable and creaseless suits, really works.

John was a very keen and avid watcher of Soccer, as Football is called in Australia, and could never understand why everyone avoided kicking with the toe of their boots. After all, as John explained, and as you might well remember, when you were a young boy kicking the pebbles and small stones with the toe of your shoe, it was a very common past time and the most natural thing you and all your mates were doing. It is a fact that it is easier and more natural to kick a ball with the toe of your shoe, you can gain greater power and distance kicking in a forward motion with all your muscles aligned, than with the side of your boot.

Anyway, in early 2010, well after I had moved to London in 1990, John decided he would try to design a Football / Soccer Boot with a concave toe, that perfectly fitted the shape of the football. Over the next 18-24 months, he put together a number of different prototype boots, which he had made in China, and then invited Craig Foster, a past Captain of the Australian Socceroos’ to bring himself and a couple of his football mates to Queens Park in Sydney, to try out his new boot. John invited me to attend, during one of my regular twice-yearly visits to Sydney to see my children and grandchildren. He also invited another friend of his to attend, Les Murray, a well-known nation-wide Australian Television Sports Presenter, known as “Mr Soccer”, who was also on the FIFA Health and Safety committee. Craig brought along a couple of visiting Brazilian internationals who, along with Craig, tried the boots out for John, kicking the ball back and forth to each other a number of times. Their comments were, “We love the concept, but it’s very Uncomfortable”. So John went back to the drawing board. At that time John asked me and Les Murray to partner him in his football boot project.

Between mid-2010 and mid 2015, the total number of prototypes made of the Serafino 4th EDGE rose to 32 and 17 trips for me to make to China. We aimed to produce not only the most comfortable boot in the world but also the safest, for both The 4th EDGE wearer and for the protection of any unlucky opponent. Finally, in mid-2015 I sent my colleague and experienced Football player Daniel Johns to the factory in China and told him not to come back until he had produced the world’s safest and most comfortable boot. Luckily the factory had a football pitch on-site, so he could immediately test each new prototype and make any immediately required corrections.

Finally all the past problems had been resolved and the final design of The Serafino 4th EDGE was born. The Serafino 4th EDGE had gone under serious technical changes with our design team thinking, “What do the current boots on the market require but have missing”, and “What do the players around the world really want and need”? Over the period that we were trying to come up with the Perfect Football Boot, we canvassed many hundreds of players and time and again we heard the 3 magic words. – 1. Total Comfort, 2. Total Safety & Protection, 3.More Power & 4. Surprise / Playing Advantages. Whilst it has taken a long time to perfect and complete the design and we believe, indeed we know and have now clearly proved, that The Serafino 4th EDGE incorporates the following:

TOTAL COMFORT THROUGHOUT THE 4TH EDGE: With Triple sponge layered padding throughout our boot we have been told by virtually everyone who has worn our boots, that these are The Most Comfortable Boots In The World. No Blisters, even on your first wear.

SAFETY & PROTECTION: A. The Triple Sponge Padding provided throughout the whole boot provides full protection for your METATARSALS, the most frequent cause of foot injuries. B. The internal support provided, which raises your heel a fraction, will help guard you against future ARCILEES Tendon injuries. C. Your ANCLE is now supported and protected from injury, by the triple padding supporting it throughout all your future games.

REAL SURPRISE & PLAYING ADVANTAGES: Our Concave Toe gives you greater power and length, your legs and leg muscles were built to kick forwards and not sideways. With your Concave Toe now giving you not 3, but 4 “reliable” kicking surfaces, you can learn to stab the ball with little or no take-back on the run,, and really surprise your opponents in both Defence and Attack. Mind you, 20 metres out from goal you have a massive and deadly advantage that will surprise, and baffle your opposing Goalie. BECOME A 2 FOOTED PLAYER: Who has not envied the advantage a 2 footed player has over a 1 footed player. After just a few weeks of practice, everyone who wears The Serafino 4th EDGE will be able to become a 2 footed player, substantially improving and enjoying their new and improved playing abilities.

We launched the Serafino 4th EDGE on the 11th November 2015 with a function at the famous Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Piccadilly Square. We set up a goal, with an astroturf surface, in a back room of the restaurant and all the many Football Legends attending took shots with The Serafino 4th EDGE, to try out the new concept.

The 4th EDGE has now gained the attention of the “American Football” market with players experiencing amazing power and accuracy from a single Goal Kick, which has now become the Game Changer for all US Kickers.

From 2016 The Serafino 4th EDGE has helped win US Championships and made an appearance in the FA Cup for Eastleigh FC, it has also brought a player with autism into American Football and helped him gain a college scholarship, which overwhelmed us. The 4th EDGE has been involved in the FootGolf World Championship in Portugal where it performed great, but needs the development of an AstroTurf sole to comply with golfing regulation.( We are working on this ).

The 4th EDGE has also caused significant interest in the game of Futsal, (Now played by 110 million) as the ball is heavier than a football and as played under head height, it would therefore give Futsal players an EDGE over their opponents, generating much more power in a much shorter space. We are currently working with selected Futsal players to see how, with a different sole, The 4th EDGE can make the game of Futsal an even better game to play and watch.